April 21, 2011, 15:57
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We have been incredibly blessed by the people surrounding us during our pursuit of marriage. I would like to highlight a few, in particular, here.

First of all, we have been mentored by our wonderful friends and future neighbors, Larry and Jana Gross. Here’s a picture of us from New Years Eve (2010/2011). We spent the evening together playing games, eating great food and taking silly pictures!

We have a lot of fun together! They took us through a book called, “When Sinners Say I Do,” which had some great nuggets of wisdom and talking points, but I think what was so meaningful is that in every session they would tell us, “We love you guys. You can ask us anything.”

We never get/got tired of hearing that because it’s something we need to be reminded of. Larry and Jana have pursued us in such a loving way, there is no doubt that they care deeply for us, and they want to see us succeed, first with Jesus, so that we can succeed as a couple. LOVE!

We’ve had some great nights watching movies, drinking tea, and talking about life. Two days before our wedding, they invited us over for just an hour, to pray with us and encourage us. It was one of the most beautiful moments I can remember along our journey to marriage. God revealed Himself deeply to us.
I also have to mention like all of my bridesmaids. They were amazing!

(Left to Right: Amanda, Lisa, Me, Sherry)

First of all, Amanda K.  She is like the one of the brightest lights in my world. I heart her so much, and she was there for me just about every day of our engagement letting me talk things out from flowers, to what I was going to pack for our trip. She helped me think and organize, and her love for Dan and I means so much.

Lisa, has been my bff FOREVER. She lives in Dallas (sad!) but came to visit every opportunity possible. Which was pretty often considering that she’s totally awesome, and that we had a just-shy-of-three-months engagement. Being newlywed herself, she gave me a lot of great advice on how to handle things, and not to mention, we just had fun!

Sherry and I got to spend a LOT of quality time together on a trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe right before Dan and I got engaged. She is just so calm and relaxing that I love being around her. She has helped me handle several difficult situations over the past few years, and it was awesome to have her love and encouragement the days leading up to our wedding.

The day before our wedding, my mom through me a BEAUTIFUL bridal luncehon at The Driskill.

We had crazy snow storms around this time, so Christie ended up not being able to come (so sad!) but as you can see, we had an amazing lunch together!

After lunch, Sherry, Amanda, Lisa and I putzed around town and went to whole foods. Here are the outfits Sherry and I wore out on the town (hilarious!):

We all stayed in one of the big suites at The Driskill that night, and just lived the dream. I was so, so happy to have them there!

Thanks for reading friends! We are truly blessed.


It’s All Greek to Me!
April 21, 2011, 14:30
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Dan really pulled out the big guns for our honeymoon and decided to fly us to Greece!!! We spent seven days in Athens and one night in London on the way home. It was totally beautiful.

As mentioned in my previous post, Dan-o came down with the flu, the day before our wedding. Poor guy. I felt so bad for him! It’s funny now, because looking back he’s been sick for every major event in our relationship, ha! The day he asked me to date him, we were BOTH sick with some crazy stomach bug that had been going around at our church, oddly enough. It was actually my birthday and he had big plans that were thwarted by the, “Soma Sickness.” So we just talked on the phone, but it was still very awesome.

The day he proposed, he had missed two days of work. He never misses work for feeling bad, so I was really concerned! He had mostly recovered by the time he picked me up for our date that night, but we still called it pretty early. And then the flu on our wedding day. Lord help us if we have a child…I pray all the time that he doesn’t get sick.

So, Greece. I was happy that our wedding was early in the morning on Saturday so that Dan could crash out the rest of the day. We didn’ t leave until Sunday around 4pm so it was nice for him to just sleep and recover.

We landed in Athens Monday night, and spent the next few days just lounging and eating a lot of amazing Greek food. By Wednesday afternoon, we began to venture out further than the square where our hotel was located, and saw some amazing things! We visited the Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Zeus and the National Jewish Muesum, just to name a few. We also spent a lot of time in Plaka (an older area of Greece), shopping and of course, eating.

The weather was absolutley gorgeous! I was worried because, along with my jewelry and a few new things for our trip, my new coat didn’t come in either. Turns out I didn’t need it! It was Sunny and 68, the whole time. We wore long sleeves, but never needed a coat. We heart the Mediterranean!

I have more pictures of our trip on the “Pictures” link to the left. Here’s one of us after touring the National Gardens at Greek Parliament (that’s Parliament behind us).

Thanks for reading!

Wedding Pictures!
April 21, 2011, 14:06
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We had possibly the best photographer in the WORLD take our pictures on our wedding day. My only regret is that we didn’t hire her for longer than four hours. Shari Henson, is a wonderful friend I know from Lubbock, and she specializes in family/newborn portraits in the DFW area. She only books one wedding a year so we consider ourselves very fortunate to have booked her!

Our ceremony was beautiful and went off without a hitch. Okay, well maybe there we a FEW…my groom came down with the flu, my jewelry never arrived, and my dad almost didn’t make it due to the crazy snow storms of 2011. But all of this seemed to fade away once it was time to walk down the aisle!

I wrote a full post about it here over on my regular blog, plastic cupcake, if you’d like to see more details.

We have more pictures over on the pictures link to the left, but I’ll leave you with a few here!

party, party, party!
March 1, 2011, 16:04
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We had a lot of awesome times of celebration the week of our wedding. Not to mention, the two amazing showers my friends and family threw for me in January!

Also, Dan’s best man, Adam, organized a night for him out on the town, to Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que, out to play pool and to a movie at the Drafthouse. I was so glad they got to celebrate and have fun together!

The Sunday before the wedding, we took our bridal party out on a boat ride around Lake Austin (thanks Groupon!). The weather was GORGEOUS, and we had a great time eating, drinking and generally being merry.

Here’s a pic of Ford and Dan. I laugh because I think this looks like product placement for Coca-Cola, ha!

Here’s a pic of me and the man. He is just too cool for words right here! HA! Love him!

We are so blessed and fortunate that we were able to relax the week before and hang out with our community. I highly recommend taking this approach!

Austin Showerzzz
January 10, 2011, 20:29
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My sister, Mary, threw me an amazing shower here in Austin at La Patisserie. We had an incredible turn out and I’m still so overwhelmed by the number of gifts Dan and I received. We are so blessed to have so many friends to celebrate with!

Here are a few pics. There are links to more from the party and other pics on our “Pictures” tab to the left.

My amazing bridesmaids! (L-R, Lisa, Me, Amanda, Sherry)

My entire Bridal Par-tay!

My niece, Ruby, is the best present-opening helper.

Our story
November 15, 2010, 19:10
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Thanks for visiting our website! We are so excited about our upcoming marriage on February 5th!

Our story began in August of 2008 when I (Emily) decided that I wanted to create a “Pub Talk’ for people to get together and dialogue about God. We started meeting at the Dog and Duck, close to the UT Campus, here in Austin. Just a few months later, in December, Dan came to visit for the first time.

Without knowing anyone, he decided to check it out, being somewhat new to Austin himself. He had seen an ad for this event on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. That night, our topic was a celebratory one of positive and life changing things that had taken place in the past year. Dan was floored by the way we were all discussing community and our friends we had made at our local church, Soma. Long story short, Dan never got rid of us after that night.

We became great friends over the next few years, and ended up ministering to a couple at our church together who were going through a rough time. We began to spend more and more time together and eventually realized that we really liked spending time together and being on mission together. Well…that part is true for me anyway. Turns out, Dan had been praying for me for awhile!

We officially started dating May 5th of 2010, which also happens to be my birthday. We were both sick as a dog, but didn’t let that stop us from celebrating! We both knew within the first few months that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but let time tell our story as we developed our relationship with each other and with our families.

(Here’s a pic of us on a date to Vino Vino)

Dan proposed on November 6th, after taking me on a date to the Austin Lyric Opera. It was amazing! Here’s a picture of us waiting for it to start (does he look nervous?!):

Earlier in the week he had suggested that we go to Dog and Duck after, which I thought was kind of weird, but we used to go there all the time.  So we went.

We parked a few blocks away from the pub and  when were about to cross the street,  Dan told me to wait to check into Gowalla. (We are both huge fans of Gowalla, which is a location based social network our friend Josh created. It’s awesome and sometimes we race to check in to a place, ha!) He checked in and then told me to do the same and then turn around. This was the first time of the night when I had an inkling something was up. So, I turned my phone on and checked in…longest 10 seconds of my life! And this is what I saw:

I gasped and turned around and Dan was down on one knee with a ring box and asked me to be his wife! Amazing!

Of course, here’s a pic of the BLING!

We are so excited to begin our lives together in East Austin serving our church and community together!